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Opened in 2018 in Sonoita, Arizona


We are a family of six, that stumbled upon an idea to open up a brewery after some day drinking and passing around a bottle of gifted moonshine; which is where our trademarked phrase "Smooch the Hooch" came from. 

My sister in law, Sammie, is our brewmaster. Having Sammie at the helm of our brew operations, we saw this as an opportunity to highlight strong women and their role in Arizona's history. Brothel's weren't always the most adorning part of our state's history, but these women of the west contributed to local economies, and played a huge role in building towns across the wild west.

Our Madamw, Pearl de Bier is an homage to Pearl de Vere. Pearl was one of the most innovative and successful madames during the American Old West. Her Old Homestead was located in Cripple Creek, CO; we were all born and raised just outside of Denver, Colorado, so she's a piece of home for us.

All of our beers are either fictional characters we come up with alongside our artist, or inspired by women we admire (like Pearl :))




We typically have 10-15 house brews on at a time. Our Flagships include:

  • Gringa Starr's Mexican Cream Ale

  • Pearl de Bier's American Wheat

  • Maggie Mae's Bushy Blonde Pale Ale

  • Roxie's Code Red Kolsch

  • Felina's Nitro Oatmeal Stout

We always have a couple of rotating IPA's on tap, our current selection includes:

  • Ivy's Straight Hazed NE IPA

  • Kaelani's Get Lei'd in the Shade Tropical IPA

  • Lilith's Hop Redemption Session IPA

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